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Paragliding Stonehenge, CA

Paragliding Stonehenge, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : WNW W WSW SW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


H 321 m, HD approx 160 m
rating 2/6
rarely used, thermal soaring.
unregulated P3 site for experienced pilots.
PRIVATE site, by invitation only!
This site has been flown in the past by a few pilots on an “invitation only” basis, and is found on closed private property. Recently no activity.
Attempting to fly these closed private sites without an invitation is trespassing.
Region: San Diego - USASee flights near this point [ 15 ]Site record : 9.1 kmLink to more information : -
function cIt(iIP)
Stonehenge is clearly an advanced site requiring P3+ to solid P4 skills.
This site is sensitive. Launch and landing areas are all on private properly and access right now is limited to invitation only. Charlie Jancic is the main contact and gate keeper. Each time it is flown, we need to get specific permission to do so.
Stonehenge Hazards:
There is no LZ. Charlie also knows the land owner of the farm down below launch and flying area. This land owner has specifically expressed that he did not want to allow access from and to this launch from his property. Solid Top Landing and or Side Hill Landing skills into un-cleared bolder strewn areas is a must. Landing out into Del Dios draw or getting sucked back into the draw would be extremely hazardous. The hill out front toward Bing Crosby GC is a potential rotor generator.
Launch is unimproved with sticks galore. Launch is facing SW, but is on a finger that is taking and channeling wind in different directions.
This is not a simple ridge. It is complex terrain that effects micro wind directions that are highly effected by the surrounding terrain/ geography and how it funnels and directs the winds. We put out ~ 10 streamers all across the terrain to help us start to understand the site and to safely fly it. This was also key to enjoying and getting the most out of the site as almost each streamer was taking a different direction. The gorge to the north leading to Lake Hodges dam is a know high wind venturi that produces regular good windsurfing conditions. There were many hawks flying the ridge to the north and it would be tempting and easy to get drawn in there, but it would be extremely hazardous.
The site can really only handle 3 maybe 4 to fly it at a time due to the small window and narrow soaring zone near launch to the side hill Bailout areas. There were times when it could barely be flown by 2 wings. Those on launch or in the air need to be patient and conscious enough with what the other pilots are doing to let those in the air climb out or be able to return to launch safely on a down cycle.
N033° 02' 11.90"   W117° 07' 40.48"© · last update 1/2023Feedback / Correction
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