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Parapente Stonehenge, CA

Parapente Stonehenge, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WNW W WSW SW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Stonehenge is an advanced paragliding site located in the San Diego region of the USA. This site is strictly for experienced pilots with P3+ to solid P4 skills. It is a private site, accessible only by invitation, and currently, there has been no recent activity. Attempting to fly here without an invitation is considered trespassing. The launch and landing areas are on private property, and access is managed by Charlie Jancic, who must be contacted for permission each time you wish to fly. The site is sensitive, and the landowner of the farm below the launch area has explicitly denied access through his property. Stonehenge presents several hazards: - There is no designated landing zone (LZ). Pilots must have solid top landing or side hill landing skills to navigate the boulder-strewn areas. - Landing out into Del Dios draw or getting sucked back into the draw is extremely hazardous. - The hill towards Bing Crosby Golf Course can generate rotor effects. - The launch area is unimproved, with many sticks and facing southwest. The terrain channels wind in various directions, making it complex to navigate. - The site requires the use of streamers to understand the micro wind directions, which are highly influenced by the surrounding geography. - The gorge to the north, leading to Lake Hodges Dam, is a known high wind venturi, producing strong windsurfing conditions. It is hazardous to get drawn into this area despite the presence of many hawks flying the ridge. Due to the narrow soaring zone and small window near the launch, the site can accommodate only 3 to 4 pilots at a time, and sometimes barely 2 wings. Pilots need to be patient and aware of each other's movements to ensure safe flying conditions.
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