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Paragliding Little Black 300, CA

Paragliding Little Black 300, CA

best Conditions

Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


Little Black, also known as LB, is a popular paragliding site located in the Rancho Penasquitos community of San Diego, California. This site is part of the Black Mountain Open Space Park Glider Port and is distinct from the other Black Mountain in the Cleveland National Forest. Little Black offers excellent soaring conditions from late fall through spring, with occasional good glass-offs during summer. The site is known for its challenging technical thermal and ridge soaring, making it a great training ground for pilots looking to hone their skills. While it can be inconsistent for easy soaring, those who master the conditions can achieve significant altitude gains. The site features three main launches: 1. **'300' Launch**: The primary launch, located 1170 ft above sea level, is a 15-20 minute hike from the landing zone. It accommodates winds from SW to NW. 2. **'500' Launch**: Situated 1400 ft above sea level, this launch is about 15 minutes further up the trail from the '300' launch. It is more suitable for SW winds but is relatively unimproved and lacks wind indicators. 3. **'800' Launch**: At 1650 ft above sea level, this launch is ideal for hang gliders but challenging for paragliders due to its precipitous cliff and rotor zone. It requires cliff launch experience and associated skills. The landing zone is at 750 ft above sea level, and access to the launches is via a hike from the parking area. **Soaring Conditions**: - Best conditions: 7-12 mph winds from NW, W, SW; max 15 mph with gusts of 6-7 mph. - Best times to fly: Varies with conditions, but fall through spring are the most enjoyable seasons. - Airspace ceiling: 3000 ft. **Cross Country (XC) Routes**: - There are three primary XC routes from Little Black, two heading east and one west. The eastward routes require a minimum height of 2600 ft MSL to make the next climb reliably. The first route links Twin Peaks to Iron Mountain and eventually to Blossom Valley, while the second heads towards the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The westward route aims for Torrey Pines Gliderport but has not been completed beyond Carmel Valley Road and Highway 56. **Site Protocol**: - Current USHPA and SDHGPA membership is required. - Midday flying during summer is not recommended due to turbulence. - Vehicles parked in the landing zone must display a current SDHGPA Vehicle ID/Gate Pass. For more information, visit the [San Diego Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association]( and the [Black Mountain Open Space Park City web page]( Little Black is a site that can either leave pilots with a short sledder or provide them with an exhilarating soaring experience. It is a great training hill with a variety of launches and an easy open landing zone.
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Paragliding Little Black 300, CA
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