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Paragliding Buddha _Escondidos, CA

Paragliding Buddha _Escondidos, CA

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Wind Dir. : NW WNW W WSW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


Located in Escondido, USA, this paragliding site features a launch height of 500 meters and a height difference of 255 meters. It is rarely used and primarily suited for thermal soaring, hike & fly, and some cross-country flying. The site is situated above a Buddhist monastery in north Escondido and requires permission from the monks, as well as specific gate codes, to access. The site, known as Buda, is private and closed, requiring an invitation from the landowner to fly. Ownership has recently changed, and all use is now considered trespassing without explicit permission. Historically, only a few pilots have flown here on an invitation-only basis. Unauthorized attempts to fly at this location are considered trespassing. For those still interested in flying here, it is recommended to inquire at the Deer Park Monastery located in the valley to the northwest. For more information, visit: [SDHGPA Buda]( Region: Escondido, USA Site record: 9.3 km
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Paragliding Buddha _Escondidos, CA
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