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Parapente Mount Wilson, CA

Parapente Mount Wilson, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WSW SW SSW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 15 mph Rafale Max : 21 mph


This site in California is rarely used and not recommended for paragliding. The takeoff area is small and steep, making it challenging to launch. Additionally, there are no good landing zones nearby, which poses a significant safety risk. The long glide out further complicates the situation. It might be slightly better to try this site in the afternoon, but overall, it is not advisable. For more information on other flying sites in the region, you can visit [SHGA Flying Sites]( Altitude: - Launch MSL: 5,580 ft - Launch AGL: 3,500-4,500 ft - LZ MSL: 1,000-2,000 ft Launch Faces: South Acceptable Wind Directions: South with minimal crosswind This site is often the last to blow down in mild Santa Ana winds. However, the city below is frequently obscured by haze, making it difficult to identify landmarks. Safety Concerns: - No legal or safe landing areas within glide distance. - Potential landing zones include a wash near JPL, which is far, surrounded by powerlines, and may contain water. Emergency landings can be made on nearby golf courses, but this should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Airspace Concerns: - Burbank Class C Airspace to the SW, up to 4800 ft - EMT Class D Airspace to the SSE, up to 2800 ft - POC Class D Airspace to the East, up to 2700 ft - Ontario Class C Airspace to the East, up to 5000 ft Landowner Concerns: - It is unlawful to land on City of Pasadena property, and violators may be ticketed. Other Concerns: - Both launches are unforgiving with light or nearly nonexistent wind and limited room to run. This site is suitable only for highly experienced pilots (H4 level). - LZs are scarce. Coordinates: - Launch: N34° 13.307' W118° 03.461' (approximate) Driving Directions: - Take the 210 Fwy to the 2 North. Follow this road until you reach the turnoff to Mt. Wilson Road. Take this turnoff right and follow it until you reach the gate for the Mt. Wilson observatory. The launch is at the south end of the parking lot, inside the gate.
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