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Paragliding Montagne de Moutier

Paragliding Montagne de Moutier

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Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Gust Max : 30 kmh


Altitude: 1075 m / Medium Occasionally used, cross-country flights possible. Region: Switzerland Site record: 34.2 km [Watch a flight video]( [More details]( Takeoff Point: - Orientation: SE - Difficulty: Medium - Altitude: 1080 m - Cable Car: No - Coordinates: 7.33156505, 47.28744004 - Hiking Time: 5 min Directions: Drive to Montagne de Moutier. At the first road junction on the plateau, turn left and continue to the first farmhouse. The takeoff area is a flat spot for layout, followed by a steep meadow in a forest clearing. The 500-meter altitude difference might not be the most thrilling, but the plateau above Moutier has its advantages. The ascent is relaxed, whether by car or on foot, and there are numerous unofficial landing fields. Feel free to land in any mowed meadow. Flight: The takeoff spots on the plateau can be challenging. Relaxed takeoffs are only possible under good conditions, best attempted early in the day.
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Paragliding Montagne de Moutier
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