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Parapente Km 13

Parapente Km 13

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : N NNW NW
Vent: Mini: 15| Maxi 25 kmh Rafale Max : 35 kmh


H 139 m rating 1/6 no flightlogs found contact: (guides) When the wind comes from the north-north-west but it´s too windy for Coloradas and you have cross wind from the left hand side in Cuesta de Silva, then KM 13 might be your only choice left. The take off is the big flat land on top of the mountain you see on the picture, the best thing for landing is to top land but also less than a Km to the west (not visible on the pic) you have a big piece of land next to a restaurant named El Pasito, just watch out for cables. But normally you can start here a long soaring flight along the coast, in both directions you have good walls like this, but again, be very careful with power lines. Getting there by car is very complicated to explain so I won't even try, I thing the quickest thing if you don't know the area, would be to walk up, leave your car at the restaurant next to the gas station and bring some water, it's only 90 mts. high. N028° 08' 36.59"   W015° 33' 46.19"© · last update 10/2021Feedback / Correction
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