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Parapente Jay's Knub_Back of the Rack, CA

Parapente Jay's Knub_Back of the Rack, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WSW SW SSW S SSE SE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


H 1104 m, HD approx 900 m
rating 2/6
occasionally used, xc possible.
few information found.
Direct link to flights
function cIt(iIP)
All of these launches are up on the crest of the Santa Ynez mountains above Santa Barbara at about 3700 MSL.
The Brotherhood is a short grassy slope facing either north or south, but the north facing launch is cleaner.
This site is usually used only if the Eliminator is unlaunchable so the south facing launch is rarely used.
The north launch heads out into a whole lot of unretrievable terrain, so unless you get up IMMEDIATELY it is necessary to dive through a gap about 100 feet below and a couple of hundred yards east of launch over to the south side of the mountain.
If you lose more than about 40 feet before going for the gap, you'll either have to get up or have a long wilderness experience.
Once over the back there is typically a moderate rotor to fly through until one makes it out near the Eliminator launch to the south.
The Back of the Rack is another alternative launch facing southeast off the side of the road a mile or so east of the Brotherhood.
The are two launches - one faces more southerly and has more set up room but has some brushy obstructions about 25 feet below and in front of launch.
The other faces more east and is obstruction free, but involves launching from the side of a narrow road with no shoulder. Both launches face down into a canyon between Westmont Peak and the "thermal factory" ridge above the Eliminator launch and appear to be a long ( 5+ : 1 ) glide over unlandable terrain before clearing the ridge to the LZs.
These launches use the same Parma Park LZs as the Eliminator described above.
Any. Paved public road to launch
Unregulated, but Parma Park should be considered at least an intermediate LZ. These launches have the potential to get the unexperienced pilot in trouble and should be first flown under the guidance of a local. Solid intermediate or advanced skill levels are recommended.
The sites are good during the same time of year as the Eliminator, but require somewhat different conditions for launch. The Brotherhood is good in moderate north to northwest winds and Back of the Rack in winds too east for the Eliminator.
Call members of the Topa Flyers Hang Gliding Club.
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