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Parapente -HG  Pico Alto

Parapente -HG Pico Alto

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WSW SW SSW S SSE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Rafale Max : 30 kmh


H 1110 m
rating 1/6
HG ramp. rarely used, short flights
Region: null - PortugalSee flights near this point [ 3 ]Site record : 5.4 kmLink to more information : -
This takeoff is located in a Natural protected space and the gate closes at 19:00- Name: Pico Alto- Better for: Hang Gliders- Terrain and inclination: Ramp- Skill Level:- Dimensions:- Flight Type:- Top Landing Possible:- Recommended Winds:- GPS:- Height:- Distance to nearest landing:Obs: to the left, East of the takeoff the airspace is restricted, as a referece do not cross the golf course.Normally, this flight is only possible early on the morning because, frequently, after 11 am, clouds start to form below the takeoff.- Useful contacts: Airport tower (please inform the tower, using this number, the takeoff place, landing and estimated height and duration of the flight): Tower 00 351 291520612- Civil Protection: 291 700 112/6- Emergency number: 112
N032° 41' 34.85"   W016° 54' 11.74"© · last update 8/2021Feedback / Correction
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Parapente -HG  Pico Alto
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