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Parapente Chão da Lagoa

Parapente Chão da Lagoa

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WNW W WSW SSW S SSE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Rafale Max : 30 kmh


H 1400 m / easy
rating 4/6
frequently used, long / easy / soft glides to the coast. some xc possible. nice, grassy takeoff. Attention CTR airport Funchal, all flights must be notified first.
Region: Madeira Island - PortugalSee flights near this point [ 1182 ]Site record : 31.4 kmLink to more information : -
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Região: Madeira Island - PortugalVêr voos próximos a este ponto [ 748 ]Recorde do local de voo : 29.5 kmLink com mais informação : -T-Off a 1410mts sobre a cidade do Funchal
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Direcção em descolagens: SE, S, SW, WN: 32.7068, W: -16.91382Adequado para Parapente: Níveis 1 e 2Acesso: Carro, andarAltitude: 1399m (diferença máxima de altitude 1392m para este local)
Flight over Madeira's capital Funchal possible. Impressive panorama with view of the islands highest mountain "Pico do Arieiro" 1818m and the harbor of Funchal. Attention, Madeira airport in eastern direction.
IMPORTANT: Don't takeoff with white caps on the sea, wherever they are.- Name: Chão da Lagoa or Chão das Mantas- Better for: Paragliders- Terrain and inclination: Short grass and light to moderate inclination- Skill Level: Beginner, easy takeoff- Dimensions: Easily 4 wings opened at the same time- Flight Type: Thermal- Top Landing Possible: Yes but extremely rare- Recommended Winds: SouthEast to West 0 to 10 Km/h- GPS: 32.706838,-16.913753- Height: 1450 meters / 4757 feet- Distance to nearest landing: 6.72 km / 4.18 milesObs: To the left, East of the takeoff the airspace is restricted, as a reference do not cross the golf course.Normally, this flight is only possible early on the morning because, frequently, after 10 am, clouds start to form below the takeoff.Observe wind signs at the sea. Don't takeoff if there's white caps at sight coming from the east or west sea side. You'll be overflying the city. There's little to none alternative landings on the way down to the shore.Always guarantee more than enough height to reach landing.Sometimes there's calm air the whole flight and then strong downdrafts over the city.Don' takeoff if there's back wind cycles. Only zero wind or front wind cycles. Strong frontal wind gusts are very rare and should be taken as warning. Wait and check the evolution of it.Takeoff usable for Real wind up to 12knots NE or 10knots N. Beyond that there's usually back wind.Don't overfly the cruise ships. It's strictly forbiddenThis takeoff is located in a Natural protected space and the gate closes at 19:00
Airport tower (please inform the tower, using this number, the takeoff place, landing and estimated height and duration of the flight): Tower 00 351 291520612
langer sanfter Flug über die gesamte Stadt
Windgeschwindig im Hafen beachten, bei Schaumkronenbildung nicht mehr starten da der Landeplatz nicht mehr mit absoluter Sicherheit erreicht werden kann, in der Stadt gibt es praktisch keine gute Aussenlandemöglichkeit
Soaringbedingungen:wenn die Windstärke am Startplatz ausreicht...
Seilbahn:Vom Meer hoch nach Monte (600 m)Unterkunft:siehe: www.madeira-paragliding.comAnfahrt:über Monte bergauf Richtung Pico do Areeiro, in den Parque Ecologico links einbiegen und am Pilotenparkplatz rechts parken, 100 Meter Fußweg bis zum StartplatzSonstiges:Der Park wird um 19.00 geschlossen.
Take off : Easy and large
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N032° 42' 24.24"   W016° 54' 50.06"© · last update 8/2021Feedback / Correction
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