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Paragliding Bidwell Park_Julien's launch_Chico, CA

Paragliding Bidwell Park_Julien's launch_Chico, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : SSW S SSE SE ESE
Wind: Mini: 7| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 22 mph


H 273 m, HD 250 m
rating 3/6
regularly used, nice soaring ridge; thermalling.
small xc possible but rare
Direct link to flights
Region: California - USASee flights near this point [ 81 ]Site record : 27.6 kmLink to more information : -
function cIt(iIP)
Julien's launch:Parking: Horse Shoe or Parking Lot J
Wind (Min, Ideal, Max): 5,13,16 mph (max gust factor of 4)
Wind Direction: SSE (130-170)
This is a cliff launch and is about 300' lower than the Rattle Snake launch, so you will need to bench up to get high. It has an open area, with no rocks, and a house thermal right at launch. Look for 170° at 10 mph, on the airport phone, and 160° at 15 mph on top.
Read the rules!
You must have an official site intro before flying at Bidwell Park. Contact Jon ahead of time and, if he is not available, he will arrange a site intro with another qualified pilot.
You must obtain a permit from the Chico City and Parks Department, during regular business hours. Located at: Park Division, 965 Fir Street, Chico, CA 95928
You need a P3 rating, or P2 and be accompanied by someone with a P3 rating or higher.
WhatsApp: Tuscan Surfers
Facebook: Tuscan Surfers – Bidwell Park Paragliding
John Stallman: cell phone: +1 (530) 864-5110
HAM Frequency: 144.445 MHz​

Wind Conditions
Call the Chico Municipal Airport's automated weather service +1 (530) 879-3850. The ideal wind conditions are, on average, are from 130° - 170° at around 10 mph, with no gusts. The site will often work with 180° - 190° winds, but the turbulence on the ridge in these conditions is dangerous.
​ is the most accurate basic weather site for this area. Look for SSE at 8-10mph.
Other Considerations
The marked LZ’s are mostly free of rocks. At launch or if you land somewhere else, be aware of potential trippinghazards.
Avoid the power lines. They roughly mark the Class D air space. If you go cross country, stay to the east and you will be clear of Class D airspace. You will need to be at least 1000’ over launch to cross the high-tension power lines to Horseshoe Lake. We do not encourage crossing the power lines, as they have with large spans between the towers and are hard to spot from the air.
Always be aware of horses and give them lots of space. Do not kite your glider around them and avoid landing near them.
Carry a first aid kit with you and know how to treat rattlesnake bites.
Pull out StarThistle while para-waiting at launch and in the LZ.
Take off :
You must Have Permit and Sticker to Fly this Site
Contact Bidwell park Fliers- site administrators:
Jon Stallman
Shad Preston
Martin Roland
Park Map:
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N039° 46' 48.45"   W121° 45' 37.68"© · last update 1/2023Feedback / Correction
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Where to go Paragliding | Bidwell Park_Julien's launch_Chico, CA

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