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Paragliding Bidwell Park_Monkey launch_Chico, CA

Paragliding Bidwell Park_Monkey launch_Chico, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : S SSE SE ESE
Wind: Mini: 7| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 22 mph


Bidwell Park in Chico, CA offers a paragliding experience with a launch height of 291 meters and a height difference of 172 meters. This site is occasionally used and is suitable for both soaring and thermalling. The launch site, known as Monkey Launch, has parking available at Horse Shoe. The wind conditions for a safe flight are as follows: minimum wind speed of 5 mph, ideal at 13 mph, and a maximum of 16 mph with a gust factor of 4. The optimal wind direction is from SSE (130-170 degrees). If the wind speed is less than 12 mph, reaching the primary landing zone (Horse Shoe) can be challenging. Before flying at Bidwell Park, you must read the rules and have an official site introduction. Contact Jon in advance to arrange this, or he will set it up with another qualified pilot if he is unavailable. Additionally, you need to obtain a permit from the Chico City and Parks Department during regular business hours at the Park Division, 965 Fir Street, Chico, CA 95928. A P3 rating is required, or a P2 rating if accompanied by someone with a P3 rating or higher. For wind conditions, you can call the Chico Municipal Airport's automated weather service at +1 (530) 879-3850. Ideal wind conditions are from 130° - 170° at around 10 mph with no gusts. The site can also work with winds from 180° - 190°, but these conditions can cause dangerous turbulence on the ridge. is recommended for accurate weather updates, specifically looking for SSE winds at 8-10 mph. The marked landing zones are mostly free of rocks, but be cautious of potential tripping hazards at launch or if you land elsewhere. Avoid power lines, which mark the Class D airspace. If you go cross-country, stay to the east to avoid this airspace. You need to be at least 1000 feet over launch to cross the high-tension power lines to Horseshoe Lake, though crossing is not encouraged due to the difficulty in spotting the lines from the air. Always be mindful of horses, giving them plenty of space, and avoid kiting your glider or landing near them. Carry a first aid kit and know how to treat rattlesnake bites. While waiting at launch or in the landing zone, pull out StarThistle to help maintain the area. For more information, visit [Fly Zephyr - Bidwell Park]( Contacts: - WhatsApp: Tuscan Surfers - Facebook: [Tuscan Surfers – Bidwell Park Paragliding]( - John Stallman: +1 (530) 864-5110 - HAM Frequency: 144.445 MHz
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Paragliding Bidwell Park_Monkey launch_Chico, CA
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