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Parapente Bidwell Park_Monkey Head

Parapente Bidwell Park_Monkey Head

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : SSW S SSE SE
Vent: Mini: 7| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 22 mph


Bidwell Park in Chico, CA offers a paragliding experience that is occasionally used, primarily for soaring and thermalling flights. The site record is 40.6 km. For more information, visit: [Fly Zephyr - Bidwell Park]( Rattlesnake Launch: - Parking: Horse Shoe or Parking Lot J - Wind Conditions: Minimum 5 mph, Ideal 13 mph, Maximum 16 mph (with a max gust factor of 4) - Wind Direction: SSE (140°-170°). Ideal conditions are 130°-170° at 9-16 mph, with 12 mph being perfect. 16 mph is pushing the limits due to the steep gradient. Before flying at Bidwell Park, you must: 1. Have an official site introduction. Contact Jon in advance. If Jon is unavailable, he will arrange a site intro with another qualified pilot. 2. Obtain a permit from the Chico City and Parks Department during regular business hours. The office is located at Park Division, 965 Fir Street, Chico, CA 95928. 3. Hold a P3 rating, or a P2 rating if accompanied by someone with a P3 rating or higher. Contacts: - WhatsApp: Tuscan Surfers - Facebook: [Tuscan Surfers – Bidwell Park Paragliding]( - John Stallman: +1 (530) 864-5110 - HAM Frequency: 144.445 MHz Wind Conditions: - Call the Chico Municipal Airport's automated weather service at +1 (530) 879-3850 for ideal wind conditions, which are typically from 130°-170° at around 10 mph with no gusts. The site can work with 180°-190° winds, but turbulence on the ridge in these conditions is dangerous. - is the most accurate basic weather site for this area. Look for SSE at 8-10 mph. Other Considerations: - The marked landing zones (LZs) are mostly free of rocks. Be cautious of potential tripping hazards at launch or if you land elsewhere. - Avoid power lines, which roughly mark the Class D airspace. If you go cross-country, stay to the east to avoid Class D airspace. You need to be at least 1000’ over launch to cross the high-tension power lines to Horseshoe Lake. Crossing the power lines is not encouraged due to their large spans and difficulty spotting from the air. - Always be aware of horses and give them plenty of space. Do not kite your glider around them and avoid landing near them. - Carry a first aid kit and know how to treat rattlesnake bites. - Pull out StarThistle while waiting at launch and in the LZ.
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