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Paragliding Saddle Peak_East 2, CA

Paragliding Saddle Peak_East 2, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : SSW S SSE SE ESE
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


The launch site at 842 meters in height, located in front of the antennas, is occasionally used for near-terrain glides to the coast. However, access to the West Saddle Peak launch site has been revoked for Claude Fiset's Malibu Paragliding by the West Saddle Peak Homeowners Association (SPPOA). Additionally, there is an ordinance against taking off from Conservancy land along the Backbone Trail. This makes the situation unclear, and it is recommended to contact the Malibu Paragliding Club for the latest information on access and permissions: The data available online about Saddle Peak is inconclusive, indicating that it may be more suitable for local pilots rather than visitors. Some sources suggest that knowing the right people for the gate code is essential; otherwise, you would need to hike around to the towers. Despite these challenges, it can be a fun flight to the beach. For more insights and discussions, you can visit the Paragliding Forum: The site is located in Los Angeles County, USA, with a site record of 4.9 km. Another record from California, USA, shows a distance of 5.0 km. Here are some videos showcasing flights from this region: - - - - The takeoff area is large enough to accommodate a tandem glider and features a steep slope. It is not ideal for beginners, especially in light wind conditions.
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Paragliding Saddle Peak_East 2, CA
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