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Paragliding Falesia Centromar_Piornais_Praia Formosa

Paragliding Falesia Centromar_Piornais_Praia Formosa

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Wind Dir. : WNW W WSW SW SSW
Wind: Mini: 15| Maxi 25 kmh Gust Max : 35 kmh


H 33 m, L 1.100 m
rating 4/6
frequently used, soaring, some xc
Region: null - PortugalSee flights near this point [ 78 ]Site record : 13.2 kmLink to more information : -
Região: Funchal - PortugalVer voos próximos a este ponto [ 529 ]Recorde do local de voo : 19.8 kmLink com mais informação : -
Region: null - PortugalSee flights near this point [ 1024 ]Site record : 19.8 kmLink to more information : -
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function cIt(iIP)
- Name: Ponta da Cruz - Centromar (Falésia)- Better for: Paragliders- Terrain and inclination: Grass field with little inclination- Skill Level: Beginner- Dimensions: 60 x 50 meters- Flight Type: Soaring- Top Landing Possible: Yes beginner to intermediate level- Recommended Winds: South to West15 to 25 Km/h- GPS: Lat = 32.6355, Lon = -16.9473- Height: 30 meters / 100 feet- Distance to nearest landing: 130 meters / 0,08 miles (to Praia Formosa)Obs:- Useful contacts: Airport tower (please inform the tower, using this number, the takeoff place, landing and estimated height and duration of the flight): Tower 00 351 291520612- Civil Protection: 291 700 112/6- Emergency number: 112- Photos, videos and detailed info:soon..
bei Westwind gut zu soaren, entlang der Hotels bis nach Camara do Lobos, sogar bis nach Calheta und weiter möglich
Start ist einfach, Rückwärtsaufziehtechnik vorausgesetzt
Soaringbedingungen:dynamischer Flug sehr oft ab nachmittags, toplanden relativ einfach dank dauerhaftem laminaren Aufwind
Fliegertreff:Cantina el MexicanoUnterkunft:siehe: www.madeira-paragliding.comAnfahrt:ca. 1 km westlich vom Hotelviertel Lido in Richtung Camara de LobosSonstiges:Toplandung oder am Strand, ein kleiner Tunnel führt wieder hinauf zum Startplatz.
Take off : Top of a cliff.
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N032° 38' 07.88"   W016° 56' 50.65"© · last update 8/2021Feedback / Correction
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Paragliding Falesia Centromar_Piornais_Praia Formosa
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