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Parapente Palomar_San Diego, CA

Parapente Palomar_San Diego, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : NNW NW WNW S SSE SE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Palomar is one of San Diego's premier mountain paragliding sites, known for its consistent flying conditions due to the unique microclimate in the valley. This site is often flyable even in light Santa Anas and Catalina Eddy conditions, making it a reliable choice when other sites in the county are not working. The site offers thermal soaring opportunities and the potential for cross-country flights. Top landing is possible, but it's essential to consult with local pilots for guidance. Strict adherence to site protocols is mandatory, as with all larger sites in California. For southeast winds, there is a special takeoff nearby. The main launch, located off Nate Harrison Grade Road, offers several launch directions from northwest to southeast. It is suitable for multiple gliders to lay out simultaneously and is also used as a top landing site. The upper launch, known as Smiley Launch, is at a higher altitude and is best used with southeast to south winds. Key Information: - Main Launch Altitude: 3100 feet - Upper Launch Altitude: 4100 feet - Landing Zone Altitude: 850 feet - Distance from Main Launch to Main LZ: 2.5 miles - Straight Glide from Main Launch to Main LZ: 5.88 miles - Launch Access: Drive up (2WD okay) Best Conditions: - Main Launch: 7-12 mph, max 15 gust 5-8, suitable for S, SW, W, NW winds. - Smiley Launch: 7-12 mph, SE-S winds. Avoid using with any prevailing west component. Flying Times: - Best time to fly: Afternoon through evening glass off. - Most flyable seasons: Fall through spring. Summer can be turbulent. Safety and Protocols: - Minimum Ratings: H3/P3 or H2/P2 with higher-rated pilots present and instructor sign-off. - Always fly within USHPA recommended operating limitations. - Use mountain etiquette and do not set up in active launch windows unless ready to launch. - Be cautious of flight activities in all directions when in launch windows or top landing approach areas. Membership and Access: - Current USHPA and SDHGPA membership required. - All launches and LZs are on private property. Unauthorized use is considered trespassing. - Check-in and check-out with Pala Tribal Security Dispatch or Ranch Office as required. - Display current SDHGPA vehicle ID/gate pass when accessing the site. Weather and Wind: - Monitor weather stations at Boucher and other stations on the back side if prevailing north or east winds are present. - Use of HG tie-downs in red-capped flush boxes is encouraged at the main launch due to the occurrence of dust devils. For more detailed information and updates, visit: - [SDHGPA Palomar Site Guide]( - [Palomar Safety Bulletin]( - [Current Wind Conditions]( Always ensure you are briefed on the latest site protocols and weather conditions before flying.
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