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Parapente Towers 1_Sylmar, CA

Parapente Towers 1_Sylmar, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : SSE SE ESE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Located in Sylmar, CA, USA, this paragliding site is situated at an elevation of 1116 meters with a height difference of 694 meters. It is more frequently used by hang gliders than paragliders, and cross-country flights are possible. This site is suitable only for advanced pilots due to its challenging conditions and airspace restrictions. Be vigilant for helicopters crossing May Canyon. The launch site is regulated by the Sylmar Hang Gliding Association and is designated as a Hang 4 launch site. In westerly winds, the wind may appear to blow in, but it is actually a rotor. Always check the wind from the south side of the ridge before launching from this southeast-facing site. The launch is semi-cliff, and the designated landing zone is Kagel LZ. Acceptable wind directions range from east through south. When the wind is westerly, it circles around the ridge and may seem to blow straight in at launch, but this is not safe. This site is recommended for advanced pilots only. The site is soarable year-round, with the best flying days typically in October and April. December and January are the least consistent months but can still offer soarable conditions. For more detailed site information, visit the Sylmar Hang Gliding Association's page: [Sylmar Hang Gliding Association]( Watch a video of the site here: [YouTube Video]( For landing zone details, check: [Kagel LZ]( Weather forecasts for the area can be found here: [Weather Forecast](
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