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Paragliding Slick Rock_Springville, CA

Paragliding Slick Rock_Springville, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : NW WNW W WSW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


Located in Springville, California, this paragliding site offers a scenic flight experience. The launch area is a large slab of granite, providing a nice takeoff spot. However, be aware that it requires a very long glide to reach the main landing zone (LZ). You must gain altitude to make it over some hills in front of the launch site. If you fail to do so, it is extremely difficult to get back to the road. Therefore, it is recommended to land on the big open bail-out LZ below and in front of the launch. For takeoff, observe how and where locals lay out their wings and choose a spot that suits you best. The launch can be very dangerous as it is a sheer rock face, similar to Tollhouse. The helipad landing area requires caution due to surrounding trees, barbed wire, and telephone wires. The helipad is small, restricted, and can be hot. It is located right next to the road, so no hiking out is necessary. However, if you overshoot, you may end up in the trees due to a drop-off. A barbed wire fence prevents low approaches. The huge open cow fields below the launch serve as a bail-out LZ. This area is slightly uphill and can result in a very fast no-wind landing. After landing, you will need to hike out along a dirt road, which is not too difficult. You may need to remove your boots to cross a shallow stream. The local farmers are friendly. Access to the site from Los Angeles involves taking the 5 North, then the 99 North past Bakersfield, followed by the 65 North to Porterville. From Porterville, take the 109 East to Springville. The LZ is located at the end of the town on the right side of the road. On Memorial Day weekend (end of May), there is often a fly-in event where many paragliders and hang gliders gather to fly in this beautiful valley near Sequoia Park. For weather updates, visit: [Windy](,12.243,5)
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Paragliding Slick Rock_Springville, CA
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