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Paragliding Sagebrush_Coloma, CA

Paragliding Sagebrush_Coloma, CA

best Conditions

Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


H 573 m, HD 270 m
rating 4/6
frequently used, good thermal soaring, also xc possible.
P4 site - for experienced pilots only; guest pilots, follow the rules
Direct link to flights
Region: - USASee flights near this point [ 224 ]Site record : 84.5 kmLink to more information : -
Region: - USASee flights near this point [ 248 ]Site record : 58.6 kmLink to more information : -
function cIt(iIP)
Sierra Nevada FB:
Sierra Nevada weather stations: (xc info) (club):
You must read
- many rules to follow.
P4 FLYING SITE! Our site requires membership in USHPA and ARFF. Please make sure to read the site guide and rules for flying here, before visiting!
There is a process to complete PRIOR to arriving at this site. It’s mandatory. Disregarding any of the steps can and will jeopardize our flying site.
Step 1 – Every qualified pilot wishing to fly Sagebrush for the first time MUST contact a site administrator and schedule an intro. You must be at least a P4 rated pilot and a current member of the USHPA. Be real with relating your skills to an admin and conditions for the intro will be strongly considered relative to your information.
Step 2 – Study all of the information provided within this guide, prior to flying this site.
Step 3 – Complete the Release Waiver and the online ARFF Registration Form. Pay the appropriate fee, $100 for the annual membership at ARFF Dues PayPal Link. All of these requirements must happen prior to entering either of the private properties known as Launch and Landing Zone Bring the hard copy of the site waiver with you for the intro and give it to the admin.
ABSOLUTELY NO SOLO FLYING FROM THIS SITE. All flying activity from Sagebrush must use the buddy system!
Launch: Wind from SW to NW are acceptable with wind W is best.
Minimum wind for launch is zero, ideal wind is 10 to 13mph, and maximum wind is 16mph, including gusts. Wind on launch from the West is ideal, NW is okay, SW is okay, wind outside of this is not okay. The glide ratio to the roadside LZ is 1:3.3 in ZERO wind.
Sagebrush is ONLY an inland thermal site. There is ZERO coastal influence. It is tucked in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. There is absolutely NO unauthorized use of this site and every single new member MUST meet and fly with a seasoned local that understands when conditions may or may not be ideal, REGARDLESS of their ratings and experience (as most experienced pilots already understand!). Glide ratios are relative to wind! This is NOT a beginner flying site and the goal isn’t to launch when there’s no wind or thermals present. Henningsen Lotus Park (HLP) is ONLY reachable as an XC flight, something accomplished with regularity, Wind speeds and directions change quickly. Pressure systems, gust factors, instability, shear, etc… all of these factors change the nature of every inland thermal site, and Sagebrush is no different. Our safety record has been incredible, since this site started getting flown approximately 20 years ago. The only significant incident/accident in that time period was due to a visiting pilot showing up to fly solo, without letting anyone know, on a terrible day for conditions that turned away every other local.
Launch Aerial picture: In purple we have the parking area. In yellow the paragliding prep area. In green the launch area. In orange the wind socks or air streamers. In red there are power lines to be avoided. Take care of your flying site and straighten carpets, pull weeds, don’t leave garbage, pick up and pack out trash left by others, contact site admins if anything appears to need attention. (school) :
Sagebrush should be considered a P4 site. The primary LZ is tight with trees lining the south side and experiences strong thermal activity during late spring, summer and early fall. Sagebrush should only be flown by experienced pilots with strong spot landing skills. During summer months it’s recommended that pilots avoid the primary lz when possible and try to land at either Henningsen Lotus park or go cross country and find new LZs!
The midsize field marked in red and labeled Bacchi’s is private property. We’ve been told in no uncertain terms NOT to land in this area, doing so will jeopardize the future of this site.
The area just east of the Bacchi’s property marks the home of a person who keeps exotic birds. Fly clear of this area to avoid spooking the birds.
You will need to sign a liability release and become a member of American River Free Flight chapter before flying Sagebrush. Yearly membership dues are $100 and can be paid to ARFF.
Please keep your speed under 10mph when driving on the dirt road up to launch (Sagebrush Rd.).
Please contact one of the people below for a site intro before flying Sagebrush.
Phil Green 530-913-0076
Reto Schaerli 916 849 4292
Mike Fifield 530 263 7558
Jason Shapiro 530-306-1082
N038° 49' 19.93"   W120° 53' 22.99"© · last update 1/2023Feedback / Correction
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