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Parapente Potato Hill, CA

Parapente Potato Hill, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : ESE E ENE NE NNE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Potato Hill, located in California, USA, offers a unique paragliding experience with a launch altitude of 1049 meters and a height difference of 530 meters. This site is frequently used and is known for its thermal soaring and good cross-country (XC) potential. Potato Hill is technically unregulated. During the summer, midday flying can lead to landing in a highly thermally active landing zone (LZ). If regulated, it would likely be a P3 site with sponsorship for P2 pilots. Low-skilled P2 pilots should fly with more experienced pilots and have a solid grasp of weather checks. The most critical concern at Potato Hill is strong west winds, which can cause mixing air from the three canyons that converge at the LZ, creating hazardous conditions. Pilots should always check the wind on the way to launch by walking out the Potato Hill ridge to ensure it is not blowing over the back. The two most common flight paths at Potato Hill are either following the ridge to the left of the launch and veering slightly to the right to the LZ or using the Haybails route. The ridge to the left of the launch generally provides better lift and easier access to the LZ with some extra height. The flying season at Potato Hill spans from spring through fall. Only experienced pilots should fly midday during the summer due to the intense heat and thermal activity. Always bring plenty of water. Access to Potato Hill involves a dirt road that requires a 2WD vehicle with good clearance. There is a short 15-minute walk to the launch site. Be cautious of poison oak and rattlesnakes. There is ample parking at both the launch and LZ. The launch area is at 3,400 feet MSL (N39°20'27" W122°41'06") and is only large enough for one wing at a time. Small bushes and Star Thistle can slow down aborted launches. The LZ is at 1,700 feet MSL (N39°21'00" W122°39'43") and can become very turbulent during the summer. Novice pilots are advised to land in the youth facility or the HG LZ adjacent to the main LZ during turbulent conditions. Facilities include several campgrounds, with Dixie Glade being the first choice. Letts Lake is preferred during especially hot weather. There are no toilets at the launch or LZ. The nearest town is Stonyford, which has a store, gasoline, and a restaurant. For emergencies, take radios and cell phones. The best place for cell phone reception is at the launch. There is no reception in the campground or LZ. The nearest trauma center is in Chico. Other activities in the area include off-road motor biking and hiking trails starting from Dixie Glade campground. There is a creek near the LZ and Letts Lake further down the paved road. Directions: Take I-5 north to Maxwell. Exit at the first Maxwell exit and head west to Stonyford. In Stonyford, turn left at the stop sign, go about 1/4 mile, and bear left on Fouts Spring Road. Continue over the hill, down the valley, past the Youth Facility, and up the other side of the valley. The LZ is directly across the road from the Youth Facility. Look for the sign for Dixie Glade campground about five miles past the Youth Facility. For weather updates, visit [AccuWeather Stonyford]( For more information, visit: - [Paragliding Lessons - Potato Hill]( - [Wilder Adventures - Potato Hill]( - [Fly Zephyr - Potato Hill]( - [BHGC - Potato Hill](
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