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Parapente Pisgah Peak, CA

Parapente Pisgah Peak, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WSW SW SSW S SSE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


H 1666 m, HD approx 340 m
rating 1/6
coordinates approximate, no flightlogs found
There are no USHPA requirements, but recommended or advanced or intermediate pilots with spot landing. For site intro please contact Allen Thoe: 510-388-6653
Wind Direction
South is preferred. Southwest is typical, but on days when it's blowing East through the banning pass and west from the shore, they converge right at launch making it a golden place to fly
Often during Santa Ana conditions, this site can still be on because it is in the eddy of Mount San Gregornio, shielding it from the prevailing northern winds
Getting to Launch
Hike the trail or drive with locals. There are two gates to pass, one is almost always opened, the other only local pilots have a key to
Launch Options
There really is only one place to launchm, which faces South-Southwest. There is a small clearing at the very top of the hill making it easy for PG and HG pilots. There are streamers but no wind socks
The LZ runs slightly downhill across the road. There are considerable hazards including power lines adjacent to the road and the building for the park facilities.
Bailout Options
If you are not going to make the Powerlines, you can use the bailouts by the dirt road, which is on private property, so make sure you ball up and leave the place clean. If you go towards Crafton Hills, there is a golf course in cherry valley (directly west from launch) that can easily be made on glide if you are unable to cross the valley
House Thermals
If you don't catch the thermal on launch, proceed downt he spine (along the dirt road) where the fork is and you will likely find a huge thermal here. If that's not working, the day probably is a bust and spritn to the LZ which is makeable from launch with no lift.
If you sink at launch you will find yourself behind the hill where the fork in the road is. Odds are you will encounter major sink and turbulence there. Head down away from the hill and land by the building a the bottom. This is why the spot landing skill is required to fly this site.
N034° 02' 17.41"   W116° 57' 16.49"© · last update 1/2023Feedback / Correction
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