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Paragliding Mount Emma South, CA

Paragliding Mount Emma South, CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : WSW SW SSW S SSE
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


Mount Emma, located in California, USA, offers a unique paragliding experience primarily for those interested in hike-and-fly adventures. The launch site is situated at an elevation of 3259 meters, with a height difference of 800 meters. This site is rarely used, making it ideal for pilots seeking solitude and a more challenging experience. Cross-country flights are possible from this location, although the landing zones can be difficult to find and may require careful planning. Road access to these landing zones is limited, adding an extra layer of complexity to your flight. The southwest face of the south summit of Mount Emma holds the site record with a flight distance of 75.3 kilometers. However, there are no flight logs available on popular platforms, indicating that this site is not frequently flown. For more information on paragliding in California, you may want to visit local paragliding clubs or forums.
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Paragliding Mount Emma South, CA
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