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Paragliding La Laja

Paragliding La Laja

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Wind Dir. : SSE SE ESE
Wind: Mini: 15| Maxi 25 kmh Gust Max : 35 kmh


H 145 m rating 2/6 rarely used, soaring Direct link to flights function cIt(iIP) contact: (guides) A very maritime flight since you can spend a lot of time flying over the sea. The take off (right of the picture) is not orientated the same direction as the main wall, so it can be a little bit tricky, but once flying it´s a nice and easy soaring flight. Official landing right at the beach (sand), top landing requires good control and knowledge. Maneuvers are also possible but keep in mind that there is a high speed road at the bottom and drivers don´t know you are on an emergency chute. In the past, some locals complaint about people flying over their houses, this has not been a problem any more but please, be very respectful with the neighborhood. That is it, have fun, on a good day you could spend several hours flying over 200 mts above the sea. Kleines Fluggebiet auf Gran Canaria, im Osten der Vulkaninsel. Zu fliegen ist hier durchaus anspruchsvoll, starten sollten daher nur erfahrene Piloten. N028° 03' 41.26"   W015° 25' 23.45"© · last update 10/2021Feedback / Correction
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Paragliding La Laja
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