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Paragliding Hinterrugg N

Paragliding Hinterrugg N

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Wind Dir. : N NNW ENE NE NNE
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Gust Max : 30 kmh


Chäserrugg, standing at 2298 meters, is a challenging paragliding site. It is rarely used but offers opportunities for soaring and cross-country flights. Launch Site: - Launch Window: All year round - Orientation: North, South - Difficulty: Intermediate - Elevation: 2293 meters - Cable Car: Yes - Coordinates: 9.307176, 47.154835 - Hiking Time: 10 minutes The launch sites are generally demanding, with some very short runways. The site is accessible all year, depending on the cable car schedule. Transportation includes a funicular and a cable car, with an additional 20-minute hike to some launch points. Caution is advised due to the short runways; avoid launching in low wind conditions. In summer, thermal rotors can form on the southwest edge. Do not launch during Föhn winds. Wildlife Protection: No flying at the East launch site from May 14 to June 14. Fees: A voluntary fee of 5 CHF per day for the launch/landing site. This fee includes a free descent by cable car in bad weather. If the fee is not paid, the descent must be paid separately. Chäserrugg is a demanding flying area, but when conditions are right, it offers one of the most beautiful experiences. The view of Säntis, the Alpstein range, and Walensee is unparalleled.
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Paragliding Hinterrugg N
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