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Paragliding Fanas Stelli

Paragliding Fanas Stelli

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : SSW S SSE SE ESE
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Gust Max : 30 kmh


H 2008 m / medium
rating 2/6
gelegentlich genutzt, meist eher für Morgen/Vormittagsflüge, wenn man viel Zeit zum Gehen aber wenig Thermikaussichten hat.
Aber auch super xc von hier möglich, an guten Tagen
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function cIt(iIP)
alternative takeoff option. one of many.
45 min hike from cablecar top.
worthwhile for fitness - but if it is not good this gives you only five more minutes to fly. If it is good you can start from below...
Fanas is best in the spring, and then you might not need to start here. Al least on a super day. Anyhow, it is nice and calm and the cows do not bother too much.
N047° 00' 18.08"   E009° 42' 04.61"© · last update 7/2022Feedback / Correction
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Paragliding Fanas Stelli
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