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Parapente Elk Mountain, CA

Parapente Elk Mountain, CA

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Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Elk Mountain, located 8 miles north of Upper Lake, California, offers a versatile paragliding experience with a launch height of 1249 meters and a height difference of 770 meters. This site is regularly used for thermal soaring, and cross-country flights are possible. Access to the launch site requires a 4WD vehicle due to the rough terrain. The primary launch is the South Launch, which is grassy and steep, making it preferred by paragliders. It sits at 4,000 feet MSL with a vertical drop of 2,600 feet. The North Launch is also available but can be tricky due to brushy conditions and is not recommended for less experienced pilots without supervision. The West Launch is occasionally used by paragliders but is rarely used by hang gliders. The landing zone (LZ) is located in the creek bed east and south of the Middle Creek Campground. It's crucial to land in the designated areas to avoid private property and potential hazards like power lines. The LZ can be turbulent, especially in the summer or during strong winds. Flying conditions are best in the spring and fall. The site is flyable almost all year, but mid-summer can be challenging due to poor thermals and hot conditions in the LZ. Winter access can be limited due to road conditions. Facilities at the Middle Creek Campground include vault toilets, running water, and paved campsites. There is also lodging available in nearby Upper Lake, Nice, and Lucerne. For safety, the nearest hospitals are in Ukiah and Clearlake. Cell phone coverage is available in the LZ and most areas at launch. The local radio frequency is 147.495 MHz. For more detailed information, visit [Sonoma Wings Elk Mountain Guide]( and [Fly Zephyr Elk Mountain]( Weather forecasts can be checked at [NOAA Weather Forecast]( For visual insights, you can watch these videos: [Elk Mountain Paragliding]( [Elk Mountain Flight](
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Parapente Elk Mountain, CA
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