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Parapente Arco da Calheta_Rochao

Parapente Arco da Calheta_Rochao

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WSW SW SSW S SSE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Rafale Max : 30 kmh


H 781 m
rating 4/6
very frequented, soaring, panoramic flight, some xc possible.
Region: Madeira island - PortugalSee flights near this point [ 1165 ]Site record : 30.4 kmLink to more information : -
Region: Madeira island - PortugalSee flights near this point [ 832 ]Site record : 30.4 kmLink to more information : http://www.madeira-paragliding.comcentro parapente arco da calheta, miradouro restaurante costa verde
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- Name: Rochão- Better for: Paragliders- Terrain and inclination: Grass with perfect inclination- Skill Level: Intermediate- Dimensions: 40 x 30 meters- Flight Type: Thermal and Soaring- Top Landing Possible: Not Recommended- Recommended Winds: West to South- GPS: Lat = 32.7242, Lon = -17.1355- Height: 785 meters / 2520 feet- Distance to nearest landing: 2,8 Km / 1,75 milesObs: This is a private space but you can takeoff for free.- Useful contacts: Airport tower (please inform the tower, using this number, the takeoff place, landing and estimated height and duration of the flight): Tower 00 351 291520612- Civil Protection: 291 700 112/6- Emergency number: 112- Photos, videos and detailed info:soon..
Direcção em descolagens: E, SE, S, SW, W, NWN: 32.72494, W: -17.13578Adequado para Parapente: Níveis 1 e 2Acesso: Carro, a PéAltitude: 805m (diferença máxima de altitude 793m para este local)
Take off : The best takeoff in Madeira Island for XC-Flights. Many of the local competitions are held there due to its frequent good flying conditions all year round.
Frequent meeting point to local pilots. Foreign pilots welcome.
Gentle, wide and long slope.
Not in the rotor, without cranes nearby, also cactus free and without buildings.
More information on ParaglidingEarth
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N032° 43' 29.41"   W017° 08' 08.88"© · last update 8/2021Feedback / Correction
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Parapente Arco da Calheta_Rochao
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