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Bonne nuit

Conditions Optimales N NNE
Biggest and highest site on the island. The take off is on private land and is used by kind permission of the owner.

North to NNE winds, For such a large site it has a strangely narrow direction band after which it can be turbulent.

Take off is easy. Top-landing OK unless in higher winds as it is in a strong lift band. If it gets too strong land in a field behind the road. Bottom landing is tricky - a narrow stoney beach that disappears at high tide.

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l'Etacq (South facing)

Conditions Optimales S
For South winds. The flyable area is very small and limited. Easy take off and top landing. Bottom-landing available on beach.

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Etacq (Ariels)

Conditions Optimales SW
For SW winds. Best site at l'Etacq with a good-sized ridge that you can soar to a small quarry. Bottom-landing available on beach.

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Portelet Common

Conditions Optimales W WSW
WSW winds (270-240) - avoid if 280 or more as wind can get turbulent. Medium sized double-bowl.

Easy take off and landings. Bottom-landing on small tight stoney beaches.

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Conditions Optimales SE ESE
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La pulente WNW

Conditions Optimales NW WNW
Small area for a WNW wind. Take off from a very low hillock to the north of an only slightly bigger hill which summits to a golf course (hence the name). Take-off can be a little tricky - you have to stick close to the hill.

On stronger days you can push out over the road and soar the sea wall all the way to Sands. Or head South over the road behind the pub for some height.

Large grassy area for bottom-landings.
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l'Etacq (Cliffs)

Conditions Optimales W WSW
For West winds. Can be turbulent but is a dramatic area with steep cliffs. 

Top landing OK. Bottom landing available as fairly small stoney beach.
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Bouley Bay (Jardine)

Conditions Optimales NNE
For NNE winds. Medium sized area and fairly high. A nice spot.
Take off and landing easy (is also possible at area just after car park and at bench). 
Tricky bottom-landing to West on stoney beach which disappears at high tides.

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Bouley Bay

Conditions Optimales E ENE NE
NE to East winds. 2nd biggest site on the island with a steep take off running down to the sea. 

Top landing is tight and tricky in high wind as it is in the lift band. You can land back at the car park but that can be a turbulent option.

No bottom-landing until you get to the stoney beach of Bouley Bay itself to the south which disappears at high tide.

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La Pulente

Conditions Optimales N NNW
For North and north-west winds. The ridge is small but can generate some nice lift.

An easy place for beginners or for low-level mucking about. When the wind is more westerly can go over the pub to the golf course area.

Easy take off and top-landing. Bottom-landing available on sandy beach.

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