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Parapente Weaver Bally, DA

Parapente Weaver Bally, DA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WNW W WSW S SSE SE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Weaver Bally, USA Elevation: 2141 meters Height Difference: 1400 meters Usage: Occasionally used, some cross-country potential Road Access: Yes Takeoff: Unimproved launches are available on both sides of the ridge near the fire lookout. Landing: There are several landing options, all requiring at least a 5:1 glide ratio. The Sky Ranch Landing Zone (LZ) is located on a large, open river bar by Highway 299 and Sky Ranch Road near Junction City. This LZ is suitable for both hang gliders and paragliders but cannot be seen from the launch due to a ridge blocking the view. Another option for paraglider pilots is along Weaver Bally Road in a burned-out area about 1 mile up from Highway 299, also requiring a 5:1 glide from launch. This is an unimproved landing zone with nearby terrain features and trees, making it less ideal in windy or thermic conditions. Other landing options with further glides are available. Weather: Generally, east or west winds are best for launch, although more southerly winds can also be used. Weather conditions are complex due to the interaction of the Trinity Alps with various weather systems, proximity to the ocean, elevation, and convective settings. It is crucial to understand the weather conditions before flying. Access: From Weaverville at Highway 299, take Weaver Bally Road, a maintained gravel road, about ten miles to the Weaver Bally fire lookout. The fire lookout is visible from the intersection of Highway 299 and Weaver Bally Road. Snow may block access in winter. The gate near the fire lookout may sometimes be locked, requiring a short uphill walk to the launch. The lookout is staffed during fire season. Comments: Due to the glide out to landing areas and the lack of safe bailout landing zones any closer, this site requires judgment, skill, and knowledge to fly safely. It is advisable not to fly during high winds. The entire area surrounding Weaver Bally is designated wilderness area with no road access. Cross-country potential exists but has not been fully explored. Supplemental oxygen may be wise in summer months as mid-day lift may exceed 16,000 feet above sea level. Contact: [Weaver Bally Paragliding Group]( Videos: [Watch Video 1]( [Watch Video 2]( [Watch Video 3](
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Parapente Weaver Bally, DA
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