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Parapente Titlis 3070 m

Parapente Titlis 3070 m

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : NNW NW WNW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 kmh Rafale Max : 30 kmh


The Titlis in the Canton of Obwalden, Switzerland, offers a challenging paragliding experience with a take-off altitude of 3200 meters. Accessible via gondola and cable cars from Engelberg, the launch site is a moderately steep snowfield. The 30-minute hike from the mountain station to the take-off point is well worth the effort. The launch site faces northwest and is considered difficult due to its high alpine environment. Weather conditions should be monitored closely, with stable high-pressure systems providing the best conditions for take-off. The Titlis area is known for its strong winds and sudden thunderstorms, so caution is advised. From the summit, pilots can enjoy flights with over 2000 meters of altitude difference down to Engelberg. There are also opportunities for cross-country flights within the Engelberg Valley, with routes extending to destinations like Grassenbiwak and Sustenhorn in the south. The valley's extensive cable car network ensures that you're never far from a transport option, making it ideal for first-time cross-country flights. For those looking to soar, the best conditions are found by crossing the valley to Brunni and gaining altitude there. Flights to the south lead into the heart of the Bernese Oberland or towards Fiesch. Landing options include: 1. Stans: A large meadow with a windsock at the western edge of the village, 10 minutes from the Stanserhornbahn station. Note the proximity to the CTR Alpnach/Buochs and the 5km Buochs zone, requiring mandatory communication with flight services. 2. Dallenwil: A narrow meadow between the Niederrickenbach-Haldigrat cable car and the main road. This site is not recommended during valley winds due to turbulence. 3. Wolfenschiessen: A large, easy landing site on the eastern side of the village, 10 minutes from the Brändlen cable car. 4. Engelberg (Summer): A large meadow near the ski lift, 10 minutes from the Brunnibahn. 5. Engelberg (Winter): A large meadow above the monastery, 10 minutes from the Brunnibahn. Be mindful of the ski lift and approach low along the slope. 6. Engelberg Herrenrüti: A long, slightly inclined meadow in a forest clearing, 500 meters from the Fürenalpbahn. Turbulence can occur with strong valley winds. For more information on the Titlis area and live weather updates, visit [Titlis Weather Livecam]( The Titlis offers extraordinary paragliding opportunities, especially for experienced alpine pilots. Despite its accessibility, it remains a hidden gem in the paragliding community.
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