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Paragliding The Wall / Freedom

Paragliding The Wall / Freedom

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : SSW S SSE
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 18 mph Gust Max : 22 mph


Altitude and Flight Potential: This paragliding site, situated at an altitude of 2516 meters, is occasionally used and offers potential for cross-country (XC) flying. Its relatively high altitude presents opportunities for longer and more challenging flights, appealing to pilots interested in XC adventures.

Location and Record: Located in the Valle de Bravo region of Mexico, this site has seen flights covering distances up to 30.3 kilometers, indicating favorable conditions for significant cross-country journeys.

New Launch Site Development: A new launch site is being developed in this area by Dave Prentice and Alles de Hombre. While Dave Prentice suggests naming it "Freedom," it's often referred to by pilots as "The Wall." This new launch site represents an exciting development for the paragliding community, offering fresh opportunities and experiences for pilots.

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