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Paragliding Stukel Mountain, OR

Paragliding Stukel Mountain, OR

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : W WSW SW SSW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


H 1905 m, HD approx
rating 1/6
one xc flightlog only - airspace - busy corridor directly West from launch.
only flying to East or North possible.
NOT a recommended site.
function cIt(iIP)
Stukel Mountain launch is in a notch between the class D airspace around LMT, and the very-busy southern keyhole approach to LMT.
The busy approach is only ~ 300 yards to the West of launch, making it impossible to land to the West or Southwest from launch without violating the VERY busy approach corridor.
The Kingsley Field Air Traffic Control Manager has asked that paragliders NOT fly this location due to the hazard. Pilots who do so despite this request will endanger our working relationship with Kingsley ATC. Please do not fly this location.
N042° 05' 39.65"   W121° 37' 57.69"© · last update 1/2023Feedback / Correction
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