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Parapente Pine Mountain

Parapente Pine Mountain

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : N NNW NW WNW
Vent: Mini: 7| Maxi 14 mph Rafale Max : mph


The Pine Mountain paragliding site in Oregon, USA, offers a range of flying experiences, primarily used for training but also suitable for some thermal soaring and occasional cross-country (XC) flights. The site features two main launch areas, Mid Launch and Rock L, situated at elevations between 5000' and 5200'. The front side of Pine Mountain is a mix of public and private land. The Mid Launch and Rock L areas, along with the access road, are on private property with specific rules that must be followed. These include having a current USHPA membership, a P2 or higher rating (or P1 under direct supervision of an instructor), and special skills for mini-wings. Only paragliding is allowed—no hang gliding or powered paragliding. Recreational flying is permitted, but commercial instruction is not. Other rules include keeping dogs on a leash, no smoking or open fires, and a strict speed limit of 10 MPH on private property. Parking is available along the Rock L, starting west of the pea gravel area. The landing zone is a cleared area north of the 'L' and west of the road, marked with orange traffic cones. To reach the Mid Launch and Rock L area, drive from Millican towards the Pine Mountain Observatory. At the 'Y' junction, take the first major right turn and follow the rocky road for less than a mile. Take the first left turn towards the mountain, leading to the Rock 'L' parking area. From there, a trail leads up to the mid and upper launch areas. The Mid Launch, also known as 'The Training Hill,' is typically used in the evening hours, especially when daytime conditions are too turbulent. Pilots often hike up the hill (a 10-20 minute hike) and wait for the air to smooth out. The launch faces NW, making it ideal for N, W, or NW winds. On good evenings, pilots can enjoy a couple of hours of flight and may even bench up to the summit. For more information, visit [Paraglide Oregon]( If you have any questions about the rules or need further details, contact
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