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Parapente Pine 5650, CA

Parapente Pine 5650, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : N NNW NW NE NNE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


H 1720 m, HD 6l70 m
rating 2/6
occasionally used, xc possible.
long glide to landing options in the valley.
Direct link to flights
Region: - USASee flights near this point [ 12 ]Site record : 185.5 kmLink to more information : -Original Legacy North Side Launch at Pine Mountain, Ventura CA
South side is a smooth unobstructed 45 degree dirt ramp at 7000 ft.
Launch is into a bowl, both sides of which are typically thermal generators.
Thermal cycles generally make south side launchable, but prevailing winds that are cross or over the back can make it pretty trashy in the south side bowl.
South launch is about a 4 to 1 glide from LZ 3000 ft. below, but since terrain slopes off very gradually in that direction, the LZ may be unmakeable in low performance gliders in strong headwinds or sink. This is occasionally true even for high performance gliders.
The North side launch is a small path cut through brush and trees at 5500 ft. with obstructions on both sides. North launch is typically used only in ridge soaring conditions or when thermals are too weak to overcome north wind. When the wind is strong enough to necessitate the use of this launch, it is typically pretty turbulent at launch. Also, the first useable LZ's are again about a 4 to 1 glide out (2000 ft. below launch) and may be difficult to penetrate to in ridge soarable headwinds. Several smaller ridges parallel to the main launch spine are between launch and the north LZ's and tend to generate moderate lee-side rotors in ridge soaring conditions.
The primary south side LZ's are a 150 ft. by 200 ft. dirt turn-out from highway 33 and a large but brush strewn field also adjacent to 33 but about half a mile northwest. Both LZ's lie near a riverbed cut through a canyon between two ridges. The wind typically funnels northwest or southeast (parallel to the canyon), but both LZ's may be thermally on soarable days. The primary north side LZs are a large fenced field (with a wind-sock) in back of the Ozena ranger station and a large field at the corner of 33 and Lockwood Valley Rd. Many other north side LZ's exist, however. All along 33 north of Ozena is landable in fields or the creek bed just west of the road. Also many fields along Lockwood Valley Rd. paralleling the launch ridge 1 to 2 miles north of the ridge are landable, though some contain power lines.
Any - paved or smooth dirt road to launch. May be impassable in winter due to snow.
none but Hang 3 recommended for south launch, hang 4 for north side
Most sunny days spring through fall should be at least scratchable. Figure a typical summer day is good for 9 - 11 K (MSL) with 12+ on the better days. Ideally look for unstable days with tropical moisture being drawn up from the Gulf of Mexico. Coastal conditions are almost irrelevant as this place makes its own weather. Strong north winds are typically bad and stable high pressure can be rather unexciting. On moist days arrive early enough to launch by 11 or 12 to avoid over-development.
From Ventura area: Take 101 to 33. Follow 33 north to traffic light at route 150. Take 150 one block west and turn right at gas station onto La Luna Ave. Follow this road until it ends and go left on 33 again. Follow road forever (~ 25 miles) and turn right at the summit of 33 onto Pine Mountain Rd. just before 33 starts the descent into Ozena. Launch is 100 yards past gate where the road turns to dirt.
N034° 39' 06.72"   W119° 21' 40.44"© · last update 1/2023Feedback / Correction
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