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Parapente Peterson Butte

Parapente Peterson Butte

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : SW SSW S SSE SE
Vent: Mini: 5| Maxi 15 kn Rafale Max : kn


Peterson Butte is a regulated paragliding site managed by the Valley Ville Hang Gliding Association (VVHGA) since the early 1970s. The site is open from November 1 through May 31 and is closed the rest of the year due to fire hazards. Access to the site requires a combination lock code, which changes each flying season. Please ensure you lock the gate behind you as this is a working ranch. This site is rated for P2 and H2 pilots, with winds typically ranging from SW to SE at 5-15 MPH. The primary radio frequency used here is 151.925, but pilots may operate on other frequencies as well. Always carry a radio and check with other pilots on the frequency in use. The launch area faces south and works best with SE to SW winds. Expect compression and horizontal flow near the summit. Recommended wind speeds for paragliding are 5-12 mph, with higher speeds suitable for hang gliding and mini wings. The site offers a good hike up to the launch, making it a great place to stretch your legs. The main hang glider launch is located at 721' MSL, with higher launches accessible by hiking up to 900' and 1200' MSL, towards the 1431' MSL summit. The upper launches are ideal for paragliding, although sustained soaring flights in 14 MPH winds have been achieved from the lower launch. Landing zones include fields along the entrance road (350' MSL) and the hillside. Avoid landing near livestock, especially during lambing season, and be cautious of powerlines to the west of the lower launch and along the entrance road. Directions to the site: From I-5 southbound, take the Corvallis/Lebanon exit (Hwy 34) and drive east on Hwy 34 for about 3.7 miles. Turn right on Steckley Rd, which becomes Sand Ridge Rd, and follow it for 2.7 miles, passing Sand Ridge Cemetery. Turn left into the driveway at the 35 mph curve sign and drive slowly (10 mph) to the Cyclone fence between the barn and the house. Follow the signs on the gate and continue straight through the gates, leaving each gate as you find it. After crossing the large fields, approach the gate with the combination lock. The alternate landing zone is on your left. Follow the road up the hill to the parking area at the microwave station, which is the only place you may leave the road. Do not attempt to drive further up the hill. Peterson Butte is a regulated site, and non-USHPA members flying here will invalidate the site's liability policy. Please honor this requirement to maintain access to the site. For more information, visit the Cascade Paragliding Club's site guide: Updated 04/04/22 by Josh Norris
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