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Parapente Owens Valley_Paiute  top, CA

Parapente Owens Valley_Paiute top, CA

Conditions Optimales

Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


This high-altitude launch site in Bishop, CA, offers a unique paragliding experience, though it is rarely used due to the challenging access road. The launch is situated at an elevation of 8000 feet above mean sea level, with a height difference of 4000 feet above the landing zone (LZ). The launch area is spacious, with dirt, small rocks, and tiny bushes that can snag lines. Be cautious of occasional dust devils, especially later in the day. The landing zone is a dusty field, and the Owens Valley's exposed nature means wind direction and strength can change rapidly, posing potential dangers. Summer conditions are generally suitable only for hang gliders and sailplanes due to overdevelopment, gust fronts, and powerful winds. The best paragliding conditions start in mid-September and weaken by early November, while spring conditions are variable and unpredictable. Access to the site involves a 20-minute drive from Bishop to the LZ, followed by a 40-minute journey on a rough 4x4 road, which is in poor condition as of October 2018. The terrain is harsh desert with rocky spines, and the launch is 4000 feet above the valley floor. While 30-mile flights are common, longer distances typically require out-and-back routes. Maintain good ground clearance to avoid the high potential for dust devils and violent thermals. For more information on flying in Owens Valley, visit [Kari Castle's Owens Valley Flying Info]( Weather updates can be found at [Owens Valley Weather](
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Parapente Owens Valley_Paiute  top, CA
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