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Paragliding Owens Valley_Flynns , CA

Paragliding Owens Valley_Flynns , CA

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : NW WNW W WSW SW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


At an elevation of 1685 meters with a height difference of 425 meters, this site in Owens Valley is frequently used for thermalling and is known as a good cross-country (XC) spot. Toplanding is possible behind the launch area. The site is unregulated, but it is recommended for H3 pilots and H2 pilots with an instructor. The landing zone (LZ) is a 10-minute drive from the takeoff point, followed by a 20-minute drive to the top, requiring a 4x4 vehicle. The site is flyable in south to northwest wind directions and is suitable for pilots ranging from beginners to advanced. The easy 4x4 road allows for quick turnarounds for multiple flights. This site is excellent for students in the morning, with great XC potential throughout the day. Evening glass-offs can occur, offering the chance for a beautiful sunset flight. However, be cautious of tricky north winds. Launching at the beginning of the thermal cycle is crucial to ensure a successful flight. Avoid flying too close to the hill as the launch window can be small before the thermals are disrupted by the wind. For more information, you can check out the following resources: - [Sierra Nevada Facebook Group]( - [Sierra Nevada Weather Stations]( - [Owens Valley Telegram Group]( - [Introduction to Owens Valley Flying (HG)]( - [Flynn's Poleta XC Info]( - [Owens Valley Flying Info]( - [Bishop Hang Gliding Club Site Info]( - [Weather Forecast]( The takeoff area is large with space for several gliders, and windsocks are visible from the LZ. The landing area is stony with some bushes and fences. For weather updates, you can visit [Owens Valley Weather]( Note: Timing your launch can be challenging due to erratic cycles and the presence of many pilots. It's advisable to seek guidance from local pilots.
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Paragliding Owens Valley_Flynns , CA
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