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Parapente Ottos Ridge

Parapente Ottos Ridge

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : ESE E ENE
Vent: Mini: 7| Maxi 15 mph Rafale Max : 20 mph


Otto's Ridge is a popular paragliding site located in Colorado, USA, near the Colorado-Utah border. The site is known for its reliable ridge soaring conditions, especially in the morning. The ridge extends several miles from north to south, offering a consistent soaring window as the drainage out of the Rockies peaks during the late morning. The lift band at Otto's is narrower than typical ridge soaring sites, requiring pilots to adapt and soar efficiently. Top-landing is common and straightforward, with the mesa extending a mile back behind the ridge, providing ample space for landing. The site is frequently used and is a great place to meet local Colorado pilots, especially if you're interested in exploring other flying sites in the area. The local club, High Desert Paragliding, operates somewhat unofficially but maintains an active Facebook page where pilots can coordinate flights. There are no membership fees, but pilots are asked to sign in at the registry at each site to help prove land use to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and maintain road conditions. You can join their Telegram group for real-time updates and coordination. For those planning to visit, the nearest town is Mack, Colorado. From the front range, take I-70W to Mack and exit at Old U.S. 6. Follow the directions to reach the ridge, noting that a high-clearance vehicle is recommended due to the condition of the BLM roads. The launch coordinates are 39.2789N 108.995W at an elevation of 5056' MSL. Avoid parking in the primary launch and kiting area. The landing zone is generally at the bottom of the ridge, with a less rocky area marked by a fixed windsock to the right of the main launch. Otto's Ridge works best with east winds, typically generated by the valley flow each morning. Local weather stations, such as the GJT airport, can provide good forecasting references. For more information, you can visit the High Desert Paragliding Facebook group or check out the following links: - [High Desert Paragliding Facebook Group]( - [Telegram Group]( - [Wilder Adventures - Otto's Ridge]( - [Speedflying Wiki - Otto's Ridge]( - [Western Slope Soaring - Otto's Ridge]( For visual insights, you can watch these videos: - [YouTube Video 1]( - [YouTube Video 2]( For paragliding clinics and further training, visit: - [Redtail Paragliding Clinics](
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