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Paragliding New Pass Peak, NV

Paragliding New Pass Peak, NV

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : WSW SW SSW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


At an elevation of 2715 meters, this site is occasionally used and is known for being a pure cross-country spot where pilots often attempt to break state records. The location offers excellent cross-country options, particularly in the northeast direction. Be prepared for very strong thermals, which can provide thrilling and challenging flying conditions. Access to the site is convenient as it is a drive-up location. However, it is crucial to have a retrieve driver to ensure you can be picked up after your flight. For a visual experience of what flying at this site is like, you can watch this video: [Watch the flight](
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Paragliding New Pass Peak, NV
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