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Parapente Mussel Rock_Dumps_Walker's

Parapente Mussel Rock_Dumps_Walker's

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WNW W WSW SW SSW
Vent: Mini: 7| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 22 mph


Mussel Rock, located in Daly City/Pacifica, USA, is a frequently used paragliding site known for its soaring opportunities and some cross-country (XC) potential. This site is exclusively for paragliding, and the emergency frequency is 147.495 MHz (as of June 2020). Mussel Rock is one of the most popular flying sites in the Bay Area due to its easy access. However, it is also one of the most complex. While you can enjoy long, relaxing flights with sea breezes and beautiful ocean vistas, you must be cautious about changing wind strength and direction, rotors, high tides, and traffic from other paragliders, hang gliders, radio-controlled planes, and general aviation. Blowbacks are a common occurrence at Mussel Rock, often leading to serious accidents, including fatalities due to electrocution, drowning, and crashes. The site is unregulated, making it a frequent choice for inexperienced and visiting pilots. Paragliding at Mussel Rock is not officially sanctioned but is currently allowed. The future of this site depends on its safety record. It is strongly recommended to get a site introduction before flying at Mussel Rock. Experienced pilots are usually present on soarable days and can provide valuable insights. For wind direction, velocity, and temperature at nearby Fort Funston, call 415.333.0100 or 415.584.9891. In case of emergencies, the local '911' number is 650.355.4151. For more detailed information, you can visit: - [Wilder Adventures]( - [Fly Zephyr]( - [Air Time Mussel Rock Site Guide]( - [Avoiding Blowbacks at The Dump]( - [Pacifica and Daly City Wind Conditions]( - [Bay Area Hang Gliding Club]( - [Weather Forecast]( - [Mussel Rock Site Guide]( The cliffs behind the launches rise as high as 640′ MSL, with soarable cliffs extending north and south for a couple of miles. On good days, the winds are smooth, offering views of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. The landing area is abundant and virtually rotor-free due to the plateau area near the launches lying behind a ridge with a smooth edge. However, the site is complex, with hazards varying based on wind direction and velocity, as well as rapid weather changes. Continuous monitoring of fog and winds is essential. Landing in the water is not an option, and there have been drowning incidents. Always check the tide levels before flying. Mussel Rock is often busy, with paragliders sharing the air with hang gliders and RC planes. Understanding and adapting to traffic and right-of-way rules is crucial. Always fly predictably and stay aware of other pilots and crafts. For new pilots, getting in touch with locals and gathering information is vital due to the site's complexity. The Bay Area Paragliding Association (BAPA) promotes site safety. Never fly alone; having someone aware of your presence is essential for safety. Primary hazards include water landings, blowbacks, rotors, and Class B airspace restrictions. The ceiling for ultralight craft is 1,600 ft, and exceeding this altitude can be dangerous due to the proximity to San Francisco International Airport's departure path. For more detailed safety information and site dynamics, refer to the provided links and seek guidance from local pilots or instructors.
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