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Parapente Mission Ridge , CA

Parapente Mission Ridge , CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : W WSW SW SSW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Mission Ridge, located in Fremont, CA, within the Mission Peak Regional Preserve, is a popular paragliding and hang gliding site. The site is accessible to Advanced-rated (H4/P4) pilots and Intermediate-rated (H3/P3) pilots with additional provisions. The site can be reached either by hiking or through a restrictive “keyholder” program. To fly at Mission Ridge, pilots must be members of the Wings of Rogallo Northern California Hang Gliding Association Inc. and USHPA (full or temporary) for insurance purposes. Pilots must also have an Advanced or Intermediate USHPA pilot rating or a foreign equivalent for the wing type they are flying. An electronic Wings of Rogallo membership card showing membership expiry date, pilot rating, and eligibility to fly at Mission is required. Pilots must be familiar with the site procedures, rules, and regulations, and must receive a site introduction before flying. Intermediate-rated pilots must possess basic thermal and mountain flying skills, be proficient in active conditions, and be able to land in restricted areas. They must describe their experience to their sponsor and complete at least three supervised flights under the Mission Ridge Site Introduction Team. One of these flights must be a sustained flight under thermic conditions. The sponsor has the authority to determine if the requirements are met and may adjust the number of supervised flights based on the pilot's skill level. Visiting pilots who meet the proficiency requirements can fly at Mission Ridge free for up to two days per calendar year. They must sign up for a visiting pilot membership on the Wings of Rogallo website and possess an electronic membership card indicating their eligibility. The launch at Mission Peak is gently sloping and grassy, turning into dried grass early in summer. The site is flyable in WSW to NW winds, with the ideal direction being W to NW. These conditions are common from March to mid-September. The typical weather pattern includes light and variable conditions in the morning, thermic conditions mid-day, and a stable sea breeze by mid to late afternoon, producing a mix of ridge and thermal lift. For hang glider pilots, the minimum wind speed is 0 MPH, the ideal wind speed is 15 MPH, and the maximum wind speed is 25 MPH. For paraglider pilots, the minimum wind speed is 0 MPH, the ideal wind speed is 8 MPH, and the maximum wind speed is 20 MPH (for advanced pilots only). For more information, visit: - [Wings of Rogallo Mission Ridge]( - [Mission Ridge Electronic Sign-In]( - [Mission Peak Launch Information]( - [Weather Forecast for Mission Ridge]( - [Bay Area Hang Gliding Club Site Information](
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