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Parapente McClellan_West launch_Reno, NV

Parapente McClellan_West launch_Reno, NV

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : NW WNW W WSW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Located 20 miles south of Reno, NV, this paragliding site offers a launch elevation of 7,200 feet and a landing zone elevation of 5,050 feet. The main takeoff is occasionally used and is best suited for intermediate (H3) and advanced (H4) pilots. The launch direction is primarily west, with thermalling and cross-country (XC) flights possible. It's crucial to launch before the wind gets too strong, as winds often increase to over 25 mph in the afternoon. To reach the launch site, drive south on Hwy 395 to East Lake Blvd, turn left, and drive south. Enter at the ranger's headquarters at the southeast corner of the valley, follow the dirt road past the water tank, and continue south to the intersection. Turn left at the first intersection and drive to Goni Rd. Turn left again and follow the road up to the top of the mountain, turning left at the first turn-off just past the north end of the buildings on top. Follow that road to the launch area. The launch area consists of sloping loose dirt, rocks, and sagebrush. Wire help may be necessary to carry the glider to launch when the winds pick up. The setup area is a dirt area behind the launch with unlimited room for gliders. The landing zone is located at the south end of Washoe Lake State Park, featuring a very large, flat, grassy field. The hay fields in front of the launch can be used for bailout, but be cautious of power lines, fences, and rolling sprinklers. The site is known for strong thermals and excellent high-altitude mountain flying. However, pilots should be aware of dust devils at launch and in the landing zone. Controlled airspace lies to the north of Washoe Valley, so familiarize yourself with the area sectional. For weather updates, there is a weather station at the south end of Washoe Valley next to HWY 395. The Reno area soaring forecast can be found online. For more information, visit: - [Lake Tahoe Paragliding]( - [McClellan Hang Gliding]( - [BHGC Site Information]( Weather forecast: [National Weather Service](
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Parapente McClellan_West launch_Reno, NV
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