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Parapente Lanzarote_Famara low

Parapente Lanzarote_Famara low

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : NNW NW WNW
Vent: Mini: 15| Maxi 25 kmh Rafale Max : 35 kmh


 Located in Famara, Canary Islands, the paragliding site offers a picturesque setting perfect for soaring and cross-country flights. With a takeoff altitude ranging between 170 to 215 meters, the site is rated 5/6 and is frequently used by paragliding enthusiasts. The launch is ideal for both paragliders and hang gliders, offering a good opportunity to ride the ridge up to Mirador and back. Additionally, it is an excellent spot for coastal cross-country flights, with the NNW wind direction often being optimal for such endeavors.

For paragliders unable to kite, Famara provides an opportunity to learn this skill since the launch expects kiters or hang gliders to uplift from the landing/parking zone. The area may have different takeoff possibilities, depending on the wind speed. The site has seen remarkable flights, with a record distance of 60.1 km documented. Furthermore, there are various takeoff options available depending on the wind conditions, making it versatile for different skill levels.

Safety is a key consideration at Famara, and it is advised to be cautious of rotor effect and strong thermals during the day, particularly for top landings at El Cuchillo. As for the weather conditions, the area typically benefits from consistent NNW winds, making it an attractive destination for paragliding activities. Famara's popularity among pilots is evidenced by the variety of flights documented in the area.

For more information about Famara and to explore flights nearby, you can visit the Paragliding Earth website. Additionally, to get a visual insight into the site, you can watch paragliding flights in Famara on YouTube through this video:

This site in the Caleta region of Spain offers an unforgettable paragliding experience with its stunning coastal views and reliable flying condition

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