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Parapente Lake Tahoe_Slide Mountain, NV

Parapente Lake Tahoe_Slide Mountain, NV

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : SSE SE ESE E ENE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Slide Mountain, located in Nevada, USA, offers a thrilling paragliding experience with an elevation of 2502 meters and a height difference of 645 meters. This site is regularly used for thermal soaring and is known for good cross-country (XC) potential, including 100 km triangles. Pilots often fly south first, along the eastern side of the ridge, and then return, sometimes venturing into the flatlands. There are several takeoff options available, and the site is unregulated. It is recommended for H3 pilots or H2 pilots with an instructor. Slide Mountain is a technical site with strong thermals, turbulent air, and a significant rotor on launch. Pilots must cross a freeway to reach the landing zone (LZ). A site introduction is highly recommended, and flying alone is discouraged. The site faces east and is on the leeside, with prevailing winds blowing over the back and down the launch daily. Pilots should aim to launch between 10:00 and 12:00 before the prevailing wind overcomes the thermal flows. For evening ridge soaring with beautiful lake views, consider Daydreams, where launching around 6:00 PM is ideal. Daydreams can also be good during the day when Slide Mountain isn't suitable. Directions to the launch: The launch is from the back-bowl ski lift of the Mt. Rose ski area. Take the second Mt. Rose Ski Area entrance when heading to Reno. Continue on highway 431 from Tahoe past the main Mt. Rose entrance to the second entrance and follow the road until it dead ends. For more information, visit: - [Sierra Nevada Pilots Facebook Group]( - [Sierra Nevada Weather Stations]( - [XC Information]( - [Slide Mountain on Hang Gliding Wiki]( - [Fly Zephyr]( - [Slide Mountain Weather Station]( - [Lake Tahoe Paragliding]( - [Lake Tahoe Paragliding Facebook]( - [BHGC Slide Mountain]( - [Weather Forecast]( The takeoff area is a large flat dirt area. It's best to inflate far behind and run through the rotor zone at the lip of the launch.
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Parapente Lake Tahoe_Slide Mountain, NV
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