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Parapente Jobs Peak , CA

Parapente Jobs Peak , CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : SSE SE ESE E ENE
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Altitude: 3050 meters, Height Difference: 1600 meters. This site is considered medium-difficult and is rarely used. It involves a challenging hike and fly, with some potential for cross-country (XC) flights. There are many takeoff options, most of which are from rough terrain. It is located almost at the southern end of the Tahohe XC racing track, which runs north starting at Slide Mountain. This site serves more as an XC reference point and the last reliable thermal hotspot. Region: California, USA. The site record is 79.7 km, achieved from the southeast face of Job's Peak. For more information, you can check out these videos: [Video 1]( [Video 2]( Additionally, you can explore the trail details on AllTrails: [Job's Peak Trail](
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