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Paragliding Hull Mountain_Timberline

Paragliding Hull Mountain_Timberline

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : WNW W WSW
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 18 mph


Hull Mountain, located in Mendocino National Forest, 25 miles northeast of Ukiah, California, and 7 miles northeast of Lake Pillsbury, offers a scenic and challenging flying experience. The main takeoff point is Timberline Launch, situated at an elevation of 5800 feet MSL, with Hull Peak reaching 6800 feet MSL and the landing zone (LZ) at 1800 feet MSL. The site is accessible via a 45-minute drive up a rough dirt road, best navigated with a 4WD vehicle. Be cautious of motorcycles on this route. Timberline Launch faces SSW and provides an easy launch with a nice slope and a vertical drop of 4000 feet. Ideal wind conditions range from 0 to 15 mph, with the best at 8 mph. There are two additional launches: Rockpile and Turn-in-the-road. Rockpile Launch, at 5000 feet vertical, faces SW through SE and is easier for newer pilots to reach the LZ. Turn-in-the-road Launch, also at 5000 feet vertical, faces SE and is not recommended for newer pilots due to its challenging conditions. The flying season typically runs from May through October, with snow determining the accessibility of the launch sites. Northerly winds become more common in late fall. While no official ratings are required, it is advised that unsupervised pilots be at least H3, and paragliders should be P4 minimum due to the long glide to any LZ. Caution is advised due to typical mountain air and turbulence. Pilots must follow ridges and account for sink, with a 5-to-1 glide ratio to the first good LZ and 6-to-1 to the primary LZ. Winds at altitude can be variable, with strong headwinds often present near the Eel River Valley and Lake Pillsbury. Spring and early summer flying can be erratic, but mid-summer offers more consistent conditions. Thermal flying is common, with house thermals over the Peak, Lower Launch, Red Spot, and the House. Cross-country flying is challenging due to the surrounding mountain terrain but possible for experienced pilots. Landing is best by the lake at 1800 MSL, with a wide, flat, grassy area providing consistent afternoon winds. In spring, high water levels may force landings further back in the grassy strip. The airstrip is not recommended for landing due to aircraft use and potential turbulence. Facilities include developed campgrounds such as Fuller Grove, Pogie Point, Navy Camp, and Sunset, offering restrooms, picnic tables, fire pits, water, and boat ramps. Oak Flat provides an undeveloped, free camping option. Pillsbury Resort offers cabins, groceries, and boat facilities. Soda Creek store provides basic groceries, ice, vehicle gas, and phone services. For emergency services, use the Willits Repeater at 145.130, offset -600kHz, CTCSS tone 103.5. Soda Creek Store can be reached at 707-743-2148. For more detailed information, visit: - [Sierra Hang Gliding]( - [Sonoma Wings]( Watch videos of flights at Hull Mountain: - [Video 1]( - [Video 2](
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Paragliding Hull Mountain_Timberline
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