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Parapente Hat Creek Rim, CA

Parapente Hat Creek Rim, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : NW WNW W WSW SW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


Hat Creek Rim, located in the Lassen National Forest, offers a unique paragliding experience with its west-facing volcanic rim and stunning views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. The site is known for its evening "glass-off" conditions, where the winds calm down, making it ideal for paragliding. The soaring season runs from May through September, with the best flying conditions typically occurring in the late afternoon and early evening. The main takeoff area is regularly used and accessible by 2WD vehicles, with a parking area available. The elevation at launch is approximately 1,399 meters (4,650 feet) MSL, with a height difference of around 300 meters (984 feet) to the landing zones. Top landing is possible, and the site is suitable for small cross-country flights. There are two primary landing zones (LZs): 1. **LZ 1**: Located directly below the launch, this LZ is surrounded by 80-foot tall trees, making it more challenging. It is important to walk the LZ and observe the wind directions using the wind socks. The GPS coordinates are 40°50’18.97″N, 121°26’20.99″W. 2. **LZ 2**: Situated about 1/4 mile past LZ 1, this LZ is larger and has fewer trees, making it easier to land. The GPS coordinates are 40°50.417″N, 121°26.967″W. Pilots should be familiar with both LZs and have a good plan for landing approaches. The lift in front of the rim can be incredible, with pilots sometimes climbing over 2,000 feet above launch during true glass-off conditions. **Safety and Protocol:** - A P3 rating is recommended, and P2 pilots should be sponsored by someone experienced with the site. - High wind experience is essential, as winds and thermals can be extreme just two hours before sunset. - The typical flight occurs around 1-2 hours before sunset when winds are below 20 MPH. Newer pilots should wait for winds to average less than 15 MPH. **Emergency Information:** - Local emergency number: 530.252.6632 - Closest hospital: Mayers Memorial Hospital - Local radio frequencies: 146.415 and 147.030 For more detailed information and updates, visit the Hat Creek Rim website: [Hat Creek Rim]( Additional resources: - [Hat Creek Site Guide]( - [Soaring Predictor]( - [Hat Creek Info]( For accommodations, consider the Hereford Ranch Campground and RV Park: [Hereford Ranch]( For supplies, visit the Fireside Village Store and Café: [Fireside Village](
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Parapente Hat Creek Rim, CA
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