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Paragliding Goat Rock, CA

Paragliding Goat Rock, CA

best Conditions

Wind: Mini: 7| Maxi 25 mph Gust Max : 22 mph


Goat Rock is a paragliding site located at Sonoma Coast State Beach, about 1 mile south of Jenner, California. The launch area is at the Arch View parking lot above Goat Rock, with an elevation of 160 feet MSL. To get there, take Highway 1 south from River Road near Jenner and turn right into Goat Rock State Beach. The launch site is at the top, in the Arch View parking lot. Paragliding and hang gliding are allowed by permit, but mini-wings are not. Pilots must be members of the USHPA and meet specific rating requirements. Sonoma Wings H4/P4 members must be present to oversee flying activities, ensuring compliance with site rules and monitoring weather conditions. They also have the authority to stop flying if necessary. Key rules include: - Do not fly south of Peaked Hill, over Penny Island, or over seals on the sand spit. - Do not land on Goat Rock. - Avoid flying low over houses, cars, people, or roads. - Take off within 250 feet of the parking lot and land only on the designated beach. - A ranger may request to see your identification, USHPA card, and Sonoma Wings membership card. The ideal wind conditions for launching are 18 mph from the NW, W, or SW, with a maximum wind of 28 mph and gusts up to 5 mph. Landing should be on the beach in front of or just north of the sand dunes, avoiding people and the ocean. Blind Beach between Goat Rock and Peaked Hill is also an acceptable landing area. Top landings are only allowed in emergencies. The flying season typically runs from January through May, with many summer evenings also suitable for paragliding. Typical coastal soaring can reach altitudes of 400 feet over launch and 700-1000 feet at Peaked Hill, with a site record of 3000 feet in shear. Caution is advised due to the windy cliff launch and strong rotors behind the cliff edge. Wiremen are usually needed in soarable conditions, and pilots should be aware of quickly increasing winds, especially at Peaked Hill. Facilities include restrooms in the lower parking lot, and parking is available at both the launch and beach landing zones. For emergencies, note that cell phone coverage is typically unavailable at Goat Rock; you may need to drive a few miles south on Highway 1 to find a signal. For more information, visit: - [Sonoma Wings Site Guide]( - [Weather Forecast]( - [BHGC Site Information]( Watch a video of the site here: [Goat Rock Paragliding](
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Paragliding Goat Rock, CA
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