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Parapente Cuesta Grade_Cuesta Ridge, CA

Parapente Cuesta Grade_Cuesta Ridge, CA

Conditions Optimales

Dir. vent : WNW W WSW SW SSW
Vent: Mini: 0| Maxi 25 mph Rafale Max : 18 mph


This site is an unregulated location situated on Cuesta Ridge, west of Highway 101, offering the closest high launch thermal opportunities in the San Luis Obispo area. The launch is located on Federal Forest Lands on TV Tower Road off Highway 101. Access roads and the launch area are owned by various private and public entities. The valley below consists mainly of private ranch lands, and the owners have not officially authorized their lands for landing. This includes the preferred landing zone (LZ) adjacent to a small parking area along a county road leading up to the ranch headquarters. Always use gates when possible and leave them as you find them. If a gate is not available, use reinforced fence areas to cross over. Paragliders can use an open fenced field just east of the Farm Headquarters, which is owned by Cal Poly. Drive carefully on access roads to the launch and LZ parking area as they are popular for biking and running. Special Note: We rely on the forbearance of property owners and have no official authority to fly this site. It is a sensitive area, and we ask all users to be respectful to the site and its neighbors. Recommended Site Protocol: - Pilots should have a P-3 or H-3 rating to fly the site. - P2 or H2 pilots must have instructor supervision. - All pilots must wear a helmet and carry a reserve parachute. - All flights must comply with FAR Part 103. - No dangerous maneuvers are allowed. Site Hazards: New pilots should be accompanied and checked out on hazards and appropriate use of this site by knowledgeable local pilots before flying. Significant rotor can be encountered behind ridges and at gully transitions. Wind can increase rapidly in the afternoon, potentially blowing pilots into rotor zones behind ridges. Top landing is possible but can be tricky in thermal conditions. Best Flying Conditions: Launch is possible in south to northwest winds. Thermals are best with light southerly winds and clear skies, most common from late fall to early spring. Thermal cycles usually start around noon, but winds tend to get too strong in the mid-afternoon for paragliders. Thermal conditions allow climbs to over 5000 feet, but often climbs are limited by inversions to 3500 feet. Cross-country (XC) flights are possible to the northwest and southwest along the mountain ridge, with increasingly remote accessibility as one moves away from the launch area. Get checked out by experienced pilots in the area before proceeding. Site Specifications: - Minimum Required Rating: P3/H3 - P2/H2 with Instructor Supervision Wing Strength (MPH): - Paragliding (PG): Minimum: 5, Ideal: 10, Maximum: 15, Gust: 10 - Hang Gliding (HG): Minimum: 5, Ideal: 15, Maximum: 25, Gust: 10 Wind Direction (Degrees): - Ideal: 240 - 280 - OK: 230 - 290 Minimum Required Glide Ratio: 7.0 Also Required: - USHPA Membership - SLOSA Membership Takeoff: This site is a drive-up with a fairly nice launch area. Please get a site checkout from a local SLOSA pilot prior to flying this site. For more information, you can visit: - [SLOSA Cuesta Ridge Site Information]( - [SLO Soaring Association]( Watch videos of the site: - [Video 1]( - [Video 2](
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