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Paragliding Cliffside

Paragliding Cliffside

best Conditions

Wind Dir. : SE ESE E
Wind: Mini: 0| Maxi 15 mph Gust Max : 30 mph


Cliffside, located in Washington, USA, is a popular paragliding site known for its frequent use and good thermalling conditions, making it suitable for cross-country (XC) flights. The site offers a nice takeoff area, with several higher options nearby. Top landing is possible and commonly practiced. The launch site is on private property, and the property owner requires all pilots to have a current USHPA membership. Please respect this requirement and any inquiries about your membership status. The launch faces southeast (SE) and is suitable for wind directions from east to south (E-S) at speeds of 5-15 MPH. The minimum requirements to fly at this site include a P2 or H2 USHPA rating with a current membership and completed site orientation, or a P1 rating if under the supervision of a certified instructor. Foreign pilots must hold equivalent ratings and complete a USHPA 30-day affiliate membership application, including signing a liability release waiver. Instruction at Cliffside is restricted to USHPA certified instructors, and tandem passengers must be temporary USHPA members with signed waivers. Access to the launch site has improved with a steep road that can be navigated by 4WD or AWD vehicles. The road is gated and locked, with the code "FLYER." Do not drive beyond the designated parking area to preserve the landscape. The site has a rich history, initially used by hang gliders in the 1980s. It became a permitted flying site in 1995 and was purchased by Reed Gleason in 2013. Significant improvements, including a road and artificial turf, have been made to enhance accessibility and safety. Landing zones include a frequently used area along the river and an alternate zone southeast of the lower parking pullout. Be cautious of strong winds, power lines, and the venturi effect between the hang launch and the farmhouse. The alternate landing zone has challenging terrain, and the lower LZ near the riverbank may be safer depending on conditions. For weather updates, visit: - [FindU Weather Station]( - [APRS Weather Station]( Please do not fly over the aluminum plant. For more information, visit: - [Wilder Adventures - Cliffside Goldendale]( - [Cascade Paragliding Club Site Guide]( - [Cliffside Site Guide Document](
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